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2 years ago

Why Mexico Shipping Industry Has Turned Out To Be A Major Area Of Investment

One industry worth considering putting your money on is the commercial shipping which’s the major way of international shipping of any crucial raw materials. Eighty percent of all goods, encompassing all hydrocarbons are shipped through water courses. The Mexico transport industry plays an important part in the international shipping industry. Beside the shipping industry, shipping inside the nation has to be sufficient to support it. The improving overseas trade is forcing the shipping business, giving them a tough time of maintain the demands.


The previous three years have demonstrated a major improve in the trading of intermodal transportation appliance. For the next three to five years, it’s anticipated that the import percentage will go further. The U.S supplied 66 percent of Mexico’s entire import in 2014. This share could improve over the following years if the U.S organizations take gain of all that NAFTA provides and become more insistent.


Lazzaro Cardenas is the only port in Mexico that’s competent of receiving the largest containers. They’re anticipating to take advantage of on the blocked West Coast US port by providing a substitute path for transporting to the central US. And to accomplish so, the docks is working on transportation plans and making contracts with diverse shipping units & transportation firms to get vessels inbound from Asia going to the United States of America.


All efforts & plans are being forced by the Mexican Govt and also the domestic & international departments to enlarge its transport industry to produce a significant amount of profit via import duties, excises and serve a major share of Mexico’s GDP.


After a slow climb, Mexico’s shipping industry is now on par with both China and America. All these things make Mexico a great area for investing.

2 years ago

How to Ship Packages to Mexico

Shipping items to Mexico is normal in the US and is not particularly tough for most commodities, but there is so much to learn if you are doing it for the first time. First of all, you must be conscious that it is going to cost you a good sum of money – possibly several hundred dollars, relying upon the item’s weight and dimension, the worth of its stuffing and the consignment service you employ. When it comes to ship to Mexico, you generally have an option between the U.S postal service orreliable private shipping service like AmericaShip (


Required documents & custom brokerage:


Any commodities crossing the border should go through customs. You’ll take care of your accountabilities for this from your side, prior to the item dispatches, by filling out the appropriate forms. For any consignment you’ll require a document known as a “bill of lading,” accessible on the shipping company’s website. This will serve as a receipt for the commodities shipped, a designation of possession and an agreement for the shipping facility. For commodities with a worth more than 70 dollars you’ll require to include a business invoice with the item representing the stuffing and their worth. Other documentations may also be needed, relying on what you are going to mail. For particularly high-value items, or for any commercial consignments, you must consult a customs broker to make this process hassle free.


Restricted items for shipping to Mexico:


Because of laws in both nations, the U.S postal service limits you from sending items to Mexico that hold coins and cash, travellers’ checks, checks of any type owed to a standard bearer instead of a specific individual, costly metals like silver or gold and precious stones. Other banned products comprise e-cigarettes, pork items, practically anything fragile, works that breach on Mexican intellectual possession, ammos and loaded metal weapon cartridges. Anything composed of chocolate needs consent from the Mexican Secretary of Commerce , whilst cosmetics, medicines and toiletries need consent from the Mexican Department of Public Health.


Commercial shipments:


If you are thinking to export commercial goods to Mexico, and the entire worth of the goods surpasses 1000 dollars, you’ll require an import consent. In this situation you must employ a private courier and also work with a reliable custom broker. You can avail a broker locally, or the shipment unit you picked can suggest a dependable one to you.

2 years ago

Conditions and Limits When Shipping Consignments to Mexico

You have to depend on the knowledge and experience of a shipment unit to sending an item to Mexico. However, the item you’re looking to ship mightn’t be certified even when it looks standard initially. For instance, quite a few elements, even though certified themselves, may well be utilized for making unlawful drugs and are totally prohibited. To distinguish the entire list of elements, you might ask from your consignment service supplier.


If shipping gods to Mexico, you’re not allowed to ship any arms, human remains & other parts, food or liquids that are subject to damaging, live animal, particularly rare species, plants, cash, lottery tickets, adult stuff, and damp or leaking goods. Even products that generate any kind of smell are improbable and commodities with a larger expense than the declared value aren’t allowed.


Second-hand hardware could be truly challenging to ship to Mexico. Many other banned commodities are apples, oils and fats, wine and other alcoholic beverages, tobacco produces, CDs or DVDs, matches, bicycles and identical stuffs. In addition, pirated items that don’t meet the copyright act can be restricted. Some commodities or items might be mailed but have to have previous permission from an organization. For instance, the Mexican Secretary of Commerce should give approval for products composed of chocolate, and cosmetic & medicinal items must be certified by the Department of Public Health in Mexico. However, you shouldn’t allow this list to scare you. Mexico is an associate of the NAFTA agreement and usually shipping Mexico is simple. But keep in mind that, nothing is worse than having your goods detained in the customs office and you need to spend huge sums of money and time in order to get rid of such hassles.


Don’t overlook that if you’re thinking to importing a product from anywhere in North America, a permit of origin is needed, this certificate can confirm the derivation of the consignment, whether it’s NAFTA or non-NAFTA.


Besides the basic restrictions, you might be encountering particular boundaries from the shipping unit you decided for instance, a weight ceiling you require to take into account or chosen measurements of the consignment.


The complete list of limitations and prohibitions associating to shipping commodities to Mexico is not that complicated but it’s essential to have the help of somebody that understands these principles or validate the official source before a mistake. There are certain shipping units that can help you shipping items to Mexico a lot hassle free.

2 years ago

Mexico Shipping Shouldn’t Be an Annoying Case

Many people find shipping to Mexico not only difficult but also annoying due to its strict custom guidelines and other legal procedures. In this article, we will share some tips that will definitely make your shipping to Mexico as easy as it could be.


A shipping unit with a strong presence in Mexico can help:


Give your consignment to a firm that knows Mexico shipping inside and out. Seek a shipping unit that has branches located all through the nation. This makes sure that you will get dependable and prompt service. Ask your shipping firm if they maintain facilities all over Mexico.


Compare quotes to make sure you are getting a good price:


Why pay more for delivery to Mexico than you need to? Do not add to your tension by running your budget. Just spend few minutes evaluating quotes from renowned shipping units. Ensure you take into account service features while evaluating quotes so you can get the best overall rate.


Pack your items with additional attention:


No matter how cautious your shipping service is with your goods, it could get spoiled if you did not wrap it up appropriately. Don’t hurry while packing your consignments. Take adequate time to accomplish the job correctly. Ensure you wrap your goods with adequate padding and employ strong containers that’ll safeguard your goods while they are being shipped to their intended destination.


Double check all documents to make sure accuracy:


Inappropriate shipping documents can cause your consignment to get mishandled or delayed. As a transporter, you are accountable for completing certain documentation while shipping to Mexico. Take additional time if required to double-check your whole documents to make sure it is appropriate. If you’ve any doubt regarding how to accomplish the documentation, ask your shipping firm for help.


Shipping insurance shouldn’t be ignored:


Shipping insurance is not mandatory. You won’t be forced to insure your items or goods if you don’t wish to, but it’s always wise to invest in Insurance while shipping to Mexico. Shipping insurance is generally very affordable, and it offers huge advantages. Insuring your goods is the only means to guarantee your valuable items are protected. You will be compensated for the insured worth of the item should it be damaged or loss.


With shipping company like America Ship, now you don’t need to worry about all the hassles of shipping Mexico. Call us now; we will handle all the hassles of customs and other legal shipping issues for you.

2 years ago

Successful Shipping to Mexico – Three Essentials to Consider

Sending stuff to Mexico does not have to be problematic. In fact, both individuals and businesses can send stuff in small and large to Mexico and have them delivered safely and quickly to their ultimate destination at an extremely affordable cost. However, because you’re transporting items globally when you ship them to Mexico, there’s a bit more to it than only dropping your parcel in the mail.


Whether you’re sending a tiny personal parcel or a truckload full of goods for your business, you wish to ensure that you pursue all the rules and regulations of shipping Mexico. Also, you want to ensure that prepare and wrap your consignment and find the perfect shipping firm to get your stuff delivered to their intended beneficiary. Luckily, you can effortlessly ship items to Mexico if you’ve these 3 vital things under control:


• A shipping unit with huge experience sending stuff to Mexico – not every shipping unit specialize in international shipping, particularly of large stuff, risky items, fragile stuff, or live animals. In spite of whether your consignment is one that needs special covering and transport or not, you’ll wish to get in touch with a transporter that has a regular delivery calendar to Mexico and a history of effectively shipping stuff there. If the shipping unit has locations in Mexico, this’ll be an added bonus since they’ll be closely familiar with all the rules of shipping to Mexico.


• Required forms & documentation – the kinds of forms & documentation that you’ll require to send stuff to Mexico are going to differ relying on what you’re shipping, whether you’re shipping it for business & personal use, how much you’re sending and whether there’re any special limitations on the goods. Generally, items shipping to Mexico will require to be lined by certain things including electronic export information (EEI), an air waybill and a NAFTA certificate of derivation, business sending stuff to Mexico may also require both a commercial & pro forma invoice. If you’re not sure as to what documentation you’ll need to attach with your consignment to Mexico, you must check with your professional shipping firm for details and guidance.


• Proper wrapping of your goods- whenever you ship items such as goods & raw materials, anywhere, you’ll require to ensure that those items are appropriately and securely wrapped so they don’t get any damage during shipment. Proper covering is even more crucial if you’ve liquid, fragile, risky items, or live creatures, the fact that how well you pack your items is always going to be a crucial thing.

2 years ago

Shipping Mexico is Hassle-Free Only When You Pick A Professional Shipping Company

Whether you’re operating a business or just have mates across the border, a lot of people require to send items or goods to Mexico. Luckily, though Mexico is over the border and you’re technically sending items internationally when you ship them to Mexico.


The key to effectively shipping items to Mexico:


If you wish to make consignment to Mexico simple and easy, the key is to get in touch with a reliable shipping firm that you can rely and that’s knowledgeable in sending stuff across the border. Even better, you’ll try to deal with a shipping unit that has sites that are nearby you in the U.S. and in Mexico.


So, why it makes sense to discover a reputed shipping unit that you can rely that has sites in Mexico and U.S.? It makes sense because you can believe that transporter to take care of the whole thing for you. Rather having to take your precious stuff to understand the rules & regulations for shipping to Mexico and to meet with official requirements, you can just rely on your shipping unit to plan a pick-up or drop off the stuff to be transported with your international transporter.


Partnering with your shipping unit:


It will be ideal, if you find a shipping firm that you can develop a regular bond with not only for shipping items to Mexico but also any other shipping requirements that you possibly have. This way, you can trust that the shipper will deliver the items or goods where they intended to go securely and on time as well.


If you’re shipping items to Mexico, then it makes sense to discover a shipping unit to associate with that has vast knowledge with customs & import requirements. The ideal company to accomplish this is one that has shipping sites in both nations so that the transporter is recognizable with both Mexican and U.S. customs and rules. The last thing you wish is to have consignment reach across the border and then caught up by custom officers due to some legal issues.


However, as long as you’re working with a professional organization, you won’t have to concern regarding these problems. You experienced shipping firm will handle all the paperwork, import & export requirements and contact a customs broker if required.


When you’re prepared to start sending your items or goods to Mexico, whether you wish a regular shipment or just a one-time transportation, you’ll see how simple it is to ship to Mexico with a dependable shipping unit.

2 years ago

International Wine Shipping Can Be Hassle-Free With America Ship

Finding the way through the complex world of global wine shipping is an overwhelming task. However, this does not mean that it can’t be accomplished. It can be mystifying because laws differ from one country to another. Still, unlike the U.S. most nations don’t enforce strict rules on the consignment of wine. Once alcohol makes it way out of the nation, it generally arrives to its destination without any issue. What creates the issue is transporting wine from another nation to the U.S. State commandments may prevent your wine from arriving at your location as planned when transporting to the United States. So to ignore this, it’s wise to understand the "ins and outs" of global wine shipment.


Shipping alcohol or wine from state to another nation can be unlawful. States that provide mutual status such as Colorado, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Oregon, New Mexico, West Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin won’t be so daunting when it is about shipping alcoholic drinks from one state to another state. The opposite is also true due to the soft regulations being allowed on wine consignments to these states. What creates a dilemma though, are the other states, that offer limiting status or a partial prohibition on the consignment of huge amounts of wine. Several states need a permit to transport alcoholic drinks into & out of the state.


Worldwide courier service like America Ship provides services customized to the consignment of wine & spirits. They’re a source of wide-ranging information about laws concerning wine transport and they regularly submit this info online. Still they’ve obligations that should be followed. One obligation is that the certifications process ought to be electronic. Furthermore, a Wine Shippers Agreement should be completed prior to shipping any containers. Finally, there’re package obligations that should be fulfilled by the transporter. The packaging should be constructed from molded polystyrene whilst the box should be constructed from cardboard.


Now you don’t need to worry about the expensive international shipping cost and complicated custom rules and regulations. We handle it in a professional manner. Compared to other carriers such as USPS, FEDEX or UPS, America Ship offer a very reasonable deal to ship your merchandise no matter whether it is from US to Mexico or any other part of the world to Mexico. Your shipping Mexico problem will be now a past with our professional shipping service.


Be it to the border or to your consumer, America Ship offers more service alternatives for your southbound cross-border shipments to Mexico. Shipping problems between two great nations US and Mexico has been resolved wonderfully at America Ship.